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Your Body is an amazing and complex creation. Structurally, there are numerous systems that together create a synchronistic framework which enables the body to move and function optimally. Ideally, these systems — skeletal, muscular and neurological — are working in perfect balance and rhythm. 

The reality however is that nothing is perfect, and over time stress, injury and fatigue impact these systems, causing pain, immobility and dysfunction. The result is diminished performance with various physical activities, and consequently, diminished quality of life. 

Structural Assessment addresses these physical issues at their structural source, and provides a targeted and comprehensive plan designed specifically to optimize your body’s mobility and function to put you on the path to a stronger, healthier you. 

Putting insomnia to work

If muscle pain is your problem go see Chris! His structural analysis showed me how to end fifteen years of neck pain and twenty years of back and abdominal spasms. When I first sought Chris Furer’s help my back was in agony. He analyzed every muscle and joint and designed a stretch/strengthen/balance program specifically for my messed up body. I am more symmetrical, more balanced, have improved performance, and thankfully — I am free of pain! Thanks Chris.
— Dr. Karlene Stange, DVM - Durango