Chris Furer, CMT

Chris Furer, CMT, has been studying the body’s functionality and structural health for over 19 years. He utilizes his years of training and expertise in body work to understand your body’s functional challenges, whether that’s getting out of bed in the morning without pain, taking the hitch out of your golf swing or improving your time on your next ride or run.

Through the study and practice of various modalities of body work, Chris is able to utilize a diverse and effective combination of therapies to provide you with the maximum benefit and opportunity for effective results. 

With a keen understanding of the body and compassionate care, Chris has helped professional athletes, cancer patients, people suffering with MS and other chronic conditions ease pain, achieve recovery and restore optimal function. He integrates an educational approach to provide you with a better understanding of your body and your health. 

Chris has been a certified massage therapist in Swedish, Traditional Thai, Deep Tissue, Muscle Release Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, LaCaze Structural Assessments since 1995

Massage Therapist for the national TREKVW mountain bike team 2005-07

Massage Therapist for the Chipolté Development Road Team for the La Tropical Stage Race  in Gabon. 2011

Massage Therapist for Olympic athletes since 1996

The structural assessment that I had from Chris has been very helpful in my everyday life and cycling. The assessment pinpoints areas that need work, along with prescribed exercises to correct whatever is out of balance or weak. . Because of my assessment, I have better posture, improved racing performance and I have a lot more knowledge on how to keep my core strong.
— Sabina, mountain bike racer - Durango, CO