When Things Fall Apart

Years ago a friend asked what winter sport I like. My answer, wait for spring. I learned to snowboard as an old man. If you collect the last nine years of snowboarding time it pales in comparison to what I did last weekend. Two days in Telluride, CO with my family. None of us are skiers, so of course we went hard to two full days.

I had a fascinating time experiencing my body move into dysfunction. I would consciously want to keep my body down, lift toes, weight in my heels, turn onto the back of my board. A different part of my brain would snicker and I would perform a little hop and I would nearly crash on my backside. The difference between intended and actual action was enormous.

This happens all the time in our day to day lives. Quietly are body fall apart into dysfunction and we are never the wiser until something hurts. Becoming aware of what we feel like functionally takes work. Taking care of ourselves when we know we are dysfunctional takes even more work.