I have over 25 years of experience learning, tinkering, and experimenting with bikes and cyclists. My main conclusion is that if you don't know what you do then changing the bike is pointless. 

For years I suffered through "hotfoot". My first solution was to ignore it. The bike industry believes it is an equipment problem, I have only ridden Look pedals since the early 80's. That did not help. It is how I use my foot every day with every step that is the problem. Learn how to properly control your foot the pain stays away. There are a few basic exercises you can learn to change the habits you have while walking that will change how you ride.

The solution to hotfoot is learning how to engage tibialis posterior. In my opinion, we need to train using this muscle off the bike through a small series of exercises. With this, the only way you move is using tibialis posterior, so is how you will pedal on the bike.

How to get rid of hotfoot:  put your wrist behind your knee and move you heel as close to your butt as possible. Do the other side. 2. Dorsi-flexion with resistance. Anchor a 26" bike tube. Place your foot in the loop and move back so there is tension on the tube. Flex up, slowly release. repeat 8-16. Switch sides.

We can hone your skills so that you can have a great season

We are staying in North Scottsdale this Saturday and Sunday November 15 and 16.

Oh damn! why does that hurt?

Feet. Amazing how much we ignore the two things that have gotten most of us around all our lives. That is until our dogs start to yell at us. What I have learned is that they have been talking to us the whole time. We just aren't listening. Plantar fascititis never occurs over night, but one morning we feel that pain for the first time.

Heel pain occurs because the tension in the calf is so great that it limits the flexibility of your heel. The heel not being able to move the plantar fascia micro-tears from the front of your heel. The pain stops when you finished tearing last night's scar tissue. Repeat for days and weeks until you can't stand it any more.

Solution: stretch your calf and strengthen your shin.